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Numerical index 2


*Certain law reviews that have been overtaken by events or superseded by later law reviews have been deleted from the library.

No. 1: David Beats Goliath in Federal Court (October 2001)
*No. 2: Pension Credit for Military Service that Predates Civilian Employment (March 1998)
No. 3: Military Voting Rights (May 1998)
No. 4: Pension Rights (July 1998)
No. 5: Notice to Your Civilian Employer (August 1998)
No. 6: Character and Duration of Service (September 1998)
No. 7: Deadline for Returning to Work (November 1998)
No. 8: Entitlements of the Returning Veteran (December 1998)
No. 9: Pension Rights Continued (March 1999)
No. 10: Health Insurance (June 1999)
No. 11: Discrimination Against Reservists (July 1999)
No. 12: Enforcement of USERRA Rights (November 1999)
No. 13: Pension Credit for Pre-Employment Military Service (June 2000)
No. 14: Effect of Reserve Drill Pay on Unemployment Compensation (July 2000)
No. 15: Pension Credit for Military Service Continued (August 2000)
No. 16: Department Involvement in State Issues (September 2000)
*No. 17: Summary of Published Articles (October 2000)
No. 18: USERRA and Employer Policies (November 2000)
No. 19: Promotion Board Consideration of Reserve Officers on Active Duty (On web site only)
No. 20: Service Academy Appointments for Children of Reserve Component Members (On web site only)
No. 21: State Retirement Credit for Military Service; Virginia Agrees with ROA's Position (December 2000)
*No. 22: Division of Military Pension in Divorce (January/February 2001)
No. 23: Military Voting Rights (March 2001)
No. 24: Enforcement of Reemployment Rights Outside the U.S. (April 2001)
No. 25: Use of Federal Government Equipment and Time for Reserve Unit Activities (May 2001)
No. 26: Use of Vacation for Military Service (June 2001)
No. 27: The Military Whistleblower Protection Act (July 2001)
No. 28: Applying USERRA To Multi-Employer Situations (September 2001)
*No. 29: I am Being Recalled. What About My Civilian Job? (October 2001)
No. 30: Does USERRA Apply to Voluntary Service? (October 2001)
No. 31: Re-employment Rights After Being Furloughed (October 2001) 
*No. 32: Does USERRA Apply to Students? (November 2001)
*No. 32 Update 1: Posted 24 February 2003
*No. 32 Update 2: Posted 2 April 2003
*No. 32 Update 3: Posted 1 June 2003
No. 33: Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees (November 2001)
No. 34: Applicability of USERRA to the Legislative and Judicial Branches (November 2001)
No. 35: Impending Service Results in Immediate Firing (December 2001)
No. 36: Activation Prevents Start of New Job (December 2001)
No. 37: Elected Officials and Reserve Duty (December 2001)
CORRECTON TO LAW REVIEW No. 37: (March 2002, Reader Feedback)
*No. 38: Mobilization and Family Support (December 2001)
--Related DefenseLink article: Check Child Support Rules for Mobilization
No. 39: Possibility of Layoff Before or During Military Service (March 2002)
No. 40: Pension Rights Continued (March 2002)
No. 41: USERRA Rights During Service (April 2002)
No. 42: Progress on Exemptions From USERRA's Five-Year Limit (April 2002)
No. 43: Military Voting Rights (May 2002)
No. 44: Military Voting Rights--Continued (May 2002)
No. 45: USERRA and SSCRA Coverage For National Guard Members (June 2002)
--No. 45 NOTE: Congress Closes Loophole in the SSCRA (added November 2002)
No. 46: Coverage of the PHS Commissioned Corps (June 2002)
No. 47: Good News from California (June 2002)
No. 48: Retirement Benefits For Government Employees Who Are Reservists (Jul/Aug. 2002)
--No.48 Update: Tennessee Complies with 10 U.S.C. 12736 (added February 2003)
No. 49: Voting Rights Letter to State/Local Election Officials (Jul/Aug. 2002)
No. 50: USERRA Coverage for Examination to Determine Fitness (Sept. 2002)
No. 51: USERRA Coverage for Funeral Honors duty (Sept. 2002)
No. 52: USERRA Coverage of the NOAA Corps (Sept. 2002)
No. 53: Retroactive Promotion for Recalled Reservist (Oct. 2002)
No. 54: Uniformed Service Counts Toward FMLA Thresholds (Oct. 2002)
No. 55: Voting in Union Elections While Mobilized (Oct. 2002)
*No.56: USERRA Review (Nov. 2002)
No. 57: State "No Double-Dipping" Rules Violate Federal Law (Nov. 2002)
No. 58: Furlough or Leave of Absence Clause Revisited (Dec. 2002)
No. 59: Vacation Benefits Under USERRA (Dec. 2002)
No. 60: Escalator Principle Applies to Entire Period of Military-Related Absence (Dec. 2002)
No. 61: Not Necessary to Establish Discriminatory Intent under Section 4312 (Dec. 2002)
No. 62: Paid Military Leave for Federal Civilian Employees (Dec. 2002)
No. 63: Effect of Resignation (January/February 2003)
No. 64: Discrimination in Hiring (January/February 2003)
No. 65: Letter to the Department of Justice Regarding USERRA (March/April 2003)
--No. 65: DoJ Responds to ROA letter regarding USERRA
*No.66: Letter urging priority for SSCRA cases--To Mr. Peter D. Keisler, Assistant Attorney General Designate, U.S. Department of Justice (July 2003)
No. 67: Enforcement of USERRA against Executive Agencies (March/April 2003)
*No. 68: Tax Tips for the Military-2002 (March/April 2003)
No. 69: Continuation of Civilian Health Insurance Coverage while Deployed (April 2003)*
No. 70: Adequate Travel and Rest Time before Reporting to Military Training (April 2003)*
*No. 71: Paid Leave for Federal Employees Performing PHS Service (April 2003)*
*No. 72: Right to Get Out of Lease (April 2003)*
* Note: Law Reviews 69 through 70 are published only here.
No.73: Immediate Reinstatement of Air National Guard Member Who Had Smallpox Vaccination (May 2003)
No. 74: Pension Entitlements Under USERRA (May 2003)
No. 75: Pension Rights Revisited (May 2003)
No. 76: Making Up Missed Contributions to Pension Plan (May 2003)
*No. 77: I Am Being Demobilized. What About My Civilian Job? (June 2003)
--No 77 Sample Re employment Application Letter
No. 78: Bankruptcy and the SSCRA (June 2003)
No. 79: Right to Re-employment with Successor in Interest to Pre-Service Employer and Status of Re-employed Veteran (June 2003)
*No. 80: USERRA And The FLSA
No. 81: Is It "Impossible or Unreasonable" To Reinstate Me?
No. 82: Pre-Tax Dollars for Make-up Pension Contributions
*No. 83: Military Voting Rights
No. 84: Notice to the Civilian Employer
No. 85: Reinstatement of Health Insurance Coverage after Military Service
No.86: Does He Lose His Job for Failure to Use the Magic Words?
No.87:"Double-Dipping" by Federal Civilian Employees Permissible
*No.88: Right to Continuance of Administrative Hearing
No.89: Enforcing USERRA against a State
--No. 89 Clarification: Clarification to Law Review 65 and 89
No.90: Key Employee Program
No.91: Notice and Documentation Requirements
No.92: Going on the Offensive Using Section 590 of the SSCRA
No.93: USERRA Enforcement by OSC (Continued)
No.94: USERRA Overrides State Hiring Freeze
No.95: Two Veterans Returning to Same Position
No.96: Local Election Officials Respond to ROA Survey
No.97: New Letter To Election Officials About Military Voting
*No.98: Does USERRA Apply to Spouses?
No.99: Does USERRA Apply to Partnerships?
No.100: USERRA Coverage for Intermittent Disaster Response Appointees
No.101: Does USERRA Apply to Temporary Positions?
No.102: Does USERRA Apply to Non-Appropriated Fund Activities?
No.103: Do I Have To Work on My Day Off?
No.104: Everything You Wanted to Know About USERRA But Were Afraid to Ask
No.105: USERRA: Frequently Asked Questions
No.106: Don't Try to Work at your Civilian Job While on Active Duty
No.107: Pension Entitlements Apply to Training Duty
No.108: Letter To Federal Agency Concerning USERRA Case Involving an Agency Employee
No.109: New Developments in Military Voting Rights
No.110: Terminating a Vehicle Lease Upon Mobilization
No.111: Eviction Protection After Mobilization
No.112: Interest Rate Cap After Mobilization
No.113: Please Don't Take Away My Pay Guarantee!
No.114: The Military Family Tax Relief Act of 2003 and How It Affects You
No.115: Can the Employer Sue Me Under USERRA?
No.116: Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act
No.117: Time Off from Work before Mobilization
No.118: Right to Reinstatement of Health Insurance after Service
No.119: State Law Cannot Limit USERRA Pension Credit
*No.120: Letter to Congress about USERRA Regulations (April 04)
No.121: Re-employment of Disabled Veterans
No.122: May We Forbid Current Employees Permission to Join Reserves?
No.123: Opinion: Congress Should Amend USERRA
No.124: Serving in a Combat Zone and Your Federal Income Taxes
No.125: Legal Assistanceand it's Free
No.126: Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees
No.127: Review of 2002-03 USERRA Cases
No.128: New USERRA Case
No.129: Status of the Returning Veteran
No.130: Right To Prompt Reinstatement Despite Temporary Disability
No.131: Criminal Prohibition on Salary Supplement for Reserve or Guard Personnel
No. 131 Update: Criminal Prohibition on Salary Supplement for Reserve or Guard Personnel
No.132: Taxability of Employer Payments While You Are Mobilized
No.133: State Laws, USERRA, and a $10,000 Judgment
No. 134: Employers: Please Don't Bother Them in Iraq! (Also see No. 163)
No. 135: Employer Quotas Revisited
No. 136: More on Disabled Veterans
No. 137: Taxation of Employer Payments to Reservists and National Guard Members
No. 138: Pension Credit for Military Service-Continued
No. 139: Pension Credit for Military Service
No. 140: Do I Have to Work on My Day Off Part 2
*No. 141: Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees Continued correction to No. 141 added December 5, 2004
No. 142: Reinstatement of Your Health Insurance upon Re-Employment
No. 143 Standby Federal Ballot if You Do Not Receive Your Regular Absentee Ballot
-No. 143-UPDATE: Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
No. 144 Where Am I Supposed to Vote?
*No. 145 How Do I Find Information about Candidates and Officials in My Home State?
*No. 146 Interim Voting Assistance System
No. 147 Professional Malpractice Liability for Recalled Reservists in Health-Care and Legal Services Professions
No. 148 Good News on USERRA Enforcement
No. 149 You Are Not Required To Arbitrate Your USERRA Complaint
No. 149-UPDATE USERRA Victory in Dallas Federal Court Case
ADDENDUM to No. 149: Court Opinion-Garrett v. Circuit City (pdf)
Supplement to No. 149-April 2005 (pdf): Amicus Curiae Brief - re, Defendant's Motion To Compel Arbitration
Supplement to No. 149-June 2005 (pdf): ROA Amicus Curiae Brief in support of plaintiff
No. 150 Protection From Discrimination-Continued
No. 151 Federal Employees Who Took Military Leave before 2001 May Be Entitled to Compensation
*No. 152 When It's Over Over There, GI Joe Gets His Job Back
No. 153 Makeup Exam after Returning from Service
No. 154 Joint Employment Doctrine under USERRA
No. 155 Injured National Guard Technician
No. 156 Reporting Back to Work After Weekend Drills
No. 157 Relationship between Union Agreement and USERRA
No. 158 Military Leave of Absence when Mobilized
No. 159 Waiving the Fee for Filing a USERRA Appeal
*No. 160 2004 Federal Tax Return Tips for Reserve and National Guard Members
No. 161 Does USERRA Apply to Voluntary Service (Cont'd)
No. 162 Discrimination against Recently Separated Veterans
No. 163 Employers-Please Don't Bother Them in Iraq, Part 2
No. 164 Employers Required to Notify Employees of USERRA Rights
No. 165 Help! I Lose Money When I Drill
*No. 166 Barring Military Recruiters from College and University Campuses
No. 167 Pension Rights of Federal Employees Returning from Military Service
No. 168 Time Off from Work for Military Medical Treatment
*No. 169 Where Oh Where Have the USERRA Regulations Gone?
No. 170 Missed Promotion Examination while Mobilized
No. 171 My Professional License Has Expired-Help!
No. 172 USERRA Has Teeth
No. 173 Prearranging Funerals and Excluding Relatives
No. 174 USERRA Applies to Union Hiring Hall
No. 175 Mobilization Issues That Affect You And Your Employer
No. 176 Continuation Of Civilian Health Insurance Coverage During Military Service
No. 177 Does USERRA Apply to the Railroad Retirement System?
No. 178 Bum Scoop Can Have Bad Consequences
No. 179 Voting in NLRB Elections while Mobilized
No. 180 Returning to Work after Weekend Military Training
No. 181 Key Employee Program Continued
No. 182 Forgotten Military Orphans: Legislative Proposals for Congress to Consider
No. 183 USERRA Applies to Hiring Hall Situations
*No. 184 Protection from Discharge after Re-employment
No. 185 Does USERRA Apply to Religious Institutions?
No. 186 Does USERRA Apply to Indian Tribes as Employers?
*No. 187 Does USERRA Apply to Students?
No. 188 Vacation Benefits Under USERRA
No. 189 Appellate Review of MSPB Decisions on USERRA
No. 190 Active Duty to Mitigate Damages Does Not Count Toward 5-Year Limit
No. 191 Sometimes David Does Beat Goliath
*No. 192 Physician Regaining Hospital Privileges After Service
No. 193 Election Officials Must Accept The FPCA
No. 194 Federal Law Overrides State "Not Earlier Than" Rules
No. 195 Congress Provides Standard Federal Oath for Military Voting
No. 196 Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
No. 197 Tutorial on USERRA Procedures
No. 198 Asking Questions about Reserve Affiliation in Employment Application Forms
No. 199 Rights of Returning Disabled Veterans-Continued
No. 200 Is Injunctive Relief Available in a USERRA Case?
No. 200 Update: Is Injunctive Relief Available in a USERRA Case?
No. 201 Have I Exceeded the Five-Year Limit?
*No. 202 Illinois Leads the Way in Supporting Families of Mobilized Reservists
No. 203 Is the Right to Re-employment Absolute?
No. 204 Domicile of Military Spouses for Voting and Taxation Purposes
No. 205 Recent USERRA Victory
No. 206 Computation of Damages in USERRA Case

Effective January 2006, the numbering system for the Law Reviews is being changed. They now will carry a four-digit designation with the first two digits representing the year and the last two digits the article's sequential order for that year.  For example, the first published in 2006, is numbered 0601. It was first published as Law Review 207 in the January/February issue of The Officer. Previous law reviews will retain their original numbering in the ROA archives.

No. 0601 (old 207) Vote, And Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted
No. 0602 Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted (For UOCAVA Voters)
No. 0603 Virginia Voter Registrar Unlawfully Challenges The Voter Registration Of Military Personnel And Spouses
No. 0604 Department of Labor's New Regulations Give Reservists a Boost under USERRA
No. 0605 Demonstration Project on USERRA Enforcement Within the Federal Government
No. 0606 Can I Request DOJ Assistance After I Run Out Of Money To Pay My Lawyer?
No. 0607 How Does USERRA Apply To the Relationship Among Employers and Pension Plan Administrators?
No. 0608 I'm Not Dead Yet: If Social Security Says You're Dead, Get a Second Opinion
No. 0609 Userra's Prohibition on Discrimination Applies Even to "Temporary" Positions of Employment
No. 0610 Where Do I Go for USERRA Assistance?
No. 0611 Does USERRA Provide for Interest on Back Pay Awards?
No. 0612 Supreme Court Gets It Right
*No. 0613 Summary Of Law Review Articles On USERRA
No. 0614 Trilogy of New Rulings Affects Federal Employees
No. 0615 Under UCMJ, right to free speech does not mean anything goes
No. 0616 Effect of State Employment at Will and Right to Work Laws
No. 0617 SCRA Applies to Bankruptcy Proceedings
No. 0618 Military Spouse Voting in Virginia-Problem Solved
No. 0619 Mandatory Arbitration Mandate: Court ruling sets back USERRA Enforcement
No. 0620 USERRA Coverage for National Guard Members Assisting in Border Control Efforts
No. 0621 Does USERRA Apply to Probationary Jobs--YES!
No. 0622 Don't Apply For Reemployment Until You Are Ready To Return To Work
No. 0623 GAO Reports on USERRA-Enforcement
No. 0624 Voting Matters: Servicemembers helping enfranchise people in Southwest Asia should exercise their own precious right despite being far from home
No. 0625 Medals & Awards: An Act of Stolen Valor
*No. 0626 Primer on Military Voting
*No. 0627 Sen. Conrad Burns--Friend of the Military Voter
No. 0628 Domicile of the Military Voter: Where Am I Supposed To Vote? If Not Here, Where?
No. 0629 War and Taxes: IRS insists it can audit a limited liability corporation while the principal is serving in a combat zone.
No. 0630 Do IDF Reservists Have Reemployment Rights Under USERRA?
No. 0631 Is Harassment a Cognizable Claim under USERRA?
No. 0632 I Want To Sue the Boss Personally!
No. 0633 Limits on Rights of Disabled Veterans
No. 0634 More on Successor in Interestt
No. 0635 Child Custody: SCRA can assist deployed servicemembers caught up in child custody cases, but be careful of misusing the law.
No. 0636 Documentation of U.S. Citizens Born Abroad
No. 0637 Does USERRA Apply to TSA Screeners?
No. 0638 Interest Rate Reduction to 6 Percent After Mobilization
No. 0639 Mandatory Arbitration -- Continued
No. 0640 Returning Disabled Veteran to Work: Employers' Obligations Under USERRA
*No. 0641 Bill Introduced To Permit Recallees To Terminate Cell Phone Contracts
No. 0641 UPDATE Termination or Suspension of Cell Phone Contracts When Deployed
No. 0642Veterans' Reemployment Rights, USERRA and Time Limits

2007 Law Reviews

No. 0701 No Telepathy Required
No. 0702 What Are You Thinking?
No. 0702 Update What Are You Thinking?
No. 0703 USERRA's Pension Rules Apply to Short-Term Military Periods
No. 0704 The President of the Company Has Rights under USERRA
No. 0705 Health Insurance Coverage for Son of Employee
No. 0706 Joint Employer Doctrine Revisited
No. 0707 KIA and USERRA: A claim can survive the death of the plaintiff
No. 0708 Stolen Valor Act Signed into Law
No. 0709 Letter to Election Officials About Military Voting
No. 0710 Applying for Reemployment-Continued
No. 0711 ESGR Volunteer Recovers $100,000 for USERRA Claimant
No. 0712 USERRA Applies to Hiring Halls-Continued
No. 0713 Willful USERRA Violation: Judge determines company's denial of wrongdoing is not credible
No. 0713-Update Court of Appeals Affirms Favorable District Court Decision
No. 0714 USERRA Still Applies in DoD's Consecutive Call-up Policy
No. 0715  Does USERRA Apply to Foreign Employers in the United States?
No. 0716  The Fourth Circuit Upholds the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act.
No. 0717 You Must Make an Effort to Mitigate Your Damages
No. 0718 Combat Zone Tax Options for Families of Deceased Servicemembers
No. 0719  Reemployment and Regulars: USERRA supports recruitment of older individuals to meet higher Active Duty end-strength authorities
No. 0720 Long-term Deployment and Vacation TimeLong-term Deployment and Vacation Time
No. 0721 Veterans' Preference Act
No. 0722 Federal Circuit Reverses the MSPB, Again
No. 0723 More on Successor in Interest
No. 0724 Does USERRA Have a Statute of Limitations?
No. 0724 Update Congress Enacts New Legislation Precluding Statutes of Limitation in USERRA Cases
No. 0725 Contractual Statute of Limitations Held to Apply to USERRA Case
No. 0725 Update Congress Enacts New Legislation Precluding Statutes of Limitation in USERRA Cases
No. 0726 MSPB Reversed, Yet Again: USERRA provides an absolute right to a hearing
No. 0727 Federal Government Considered 'Model Employer' under USERRA
No. 0728 Condo Association Can't Trample Right to Display U.S. Flag
No. 0729 Kirkendall - VEOA and Equitable Tolling of Claim
No. 0730 Are Schedule C Employees Protected by USERRA?
No. 0731 Another Recent Case on the Burden of Proof in USERRA
No. 0732 USERRA Applies to Deferred Compensation Plans
No. 0733 City of Columbus Held Not Liable for Suicide of Returning Veteran
No. 0734 GAO Reports on USERRA Enforcement
*No. 0735 DoD Needs to Know about Your Civilian Job
No. 0736 Proposal to Require Employers to Grant Leave for Family Member of Wounded Warrior
No. 0737 Right to Trial by Jury under USERRA
No. 0738 Successor in Interest-Continued
No. 0739 Burden of Proof in Section 4311 Cases
No. 0740 Federal Employees Protected from RIF during Military Service
No. 0741 Am I Permitted to Make Up Missed Employee Contributions to My Pension Plan Account after Leaving the Employ of My Pre-Service Employer?
No. 0742 Predatory Lending: Servicemembers get new protections from some loan practices.
No. 0743 Death Gratuity and the “Blended” Military Family
No. 0744 How the Death Gratuity Could Be Better Handled for Forgotten Military Orphans: Legislative Proposals for Congress to Consider
No. 0745 Recent Ohio Supreme Court Case on USERRA Enforcement
No. 0746 USERRA Forbids Discrimination in Initial Hiring
No. 0747 Russell v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
No. 0748 Federal Law and New York Law Governing Non-Federal Public Employees in New York and Military Service
*No. 0749 USERRA Primer (Replaced by No. 1281)
No. 0750 Target Hit: National Guard member wins USERRA case plus tort damages under state law.
No. 0750 Update (March 2009)
No. 0751 Rules Change for Flying Flag at Half-Staff
No. 0752 Habit Forming: Federal Circuit reverses MSPB two more times.
No. 0753 A 'Motivating Factor': USERRA case reiterates that military duty need only contribute to termination of employment to be a violation of the law
No. 0754 Firmer Teeth: Legislation introduced to enhance USERRA enforcement.
No. 0755 The Federal Case: A description of USERRA's enforcement mechanisms for complaints by federal government employees.
No. 0756 Laid Off and Called Up: Layoffs still employment relationships under USERRA, other factors may keep you from getting your old job back
No. 0757 Buy Back Time: Your primer on the Civil Service Retirement System in regards to military service.
No. 0758 Taking the Leap: Employer cover-up fools DOL, but not the jury
No. 0759 Get In the Vote: GAO issues scathing report on voting woes for military members.
No. 0760 Second Careers: USERRA applies to retirees voluntarily returning to Active Duty
No. 0761 Veterans' Preference Act requires a federal agency to waive maximum age rule
No. 0761 Update (June 2008)
No. 0762 Airline discourages Reserve service with contrary paycheck, insurance, and leave policies
No. 0763 The Office of Personnel Management has specific responsibilities under USERRA
No. 0764 High School Recruiting: Military recruiters have access to secondary schools
*No. 0765 Reservist loses job for collecting undeserved benefits.
No. 0766 USERRA: A Primer: A summary of  servicemembers’ reemployment rights under federal law. (Replaced by: No. 1281 Your Rights Under USERRA (Replaces No. 0766)

2008 Law Reviews

No. 0801 Supreme Court holds that veterans' preference is not sex discrimination
No. 0802 Legislation addresses retroactive promotions for World War II Navy and Marine Corps POWs
No. 0802-Update (August 2008)
No. 0803 First Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute: Fishgold v. Sullivan Drydock & Repair Corp.
No. 0804 USERRA Applies to Employment as Adjunct Professor
*No. 0805 USERRA Does Not Apply to Students-Part 3
No. 0806 Taxation of Disability Retirement Benefits
No. 0806-Update
No. 0807 Bonus Bust: Mobilization deprives Soldier of earned bonus at civilian job
No. 0808 The Meaning in Shift: Daytime work is part of the “status” to which the returning veteran is entitled
No. 0809 Second Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute: Trailmobile Corp. v. Whirls, 331 U.S. 40 (1947)
No. 0810 Attempt to Expedite USERRA Enforcement Process
No. 0810 Update: Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2008
No. 0811 Notice to Civilian Employer Not Requesting a Leave of Absence
No. 0812 Prior Notice To Employer Not Required To Predict Return To Job
No. 0813 Despite its longtime contention, AAFES is not exempt from USERRA
No. 0814 Vets May Give a Military Salute Thanks to Benefits-Filled NDAA
*No. 0815 New Reporting Requirement for ESGR Cases
No. 0816 Enhanced Leave Entitlements for Family Caregivers of Wounded Warriors
No. 0817 Now You Can Designate Beneficiaries for the Death Gratuity
No. 0818 My Professional License Has Expired-Part 2
No. 0819 Congress Emphasizes that SCRA Applies to Child Custody Proceedings
No. 0820 Third Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute: <i> Aeronautical Industrial District Lodge 727 v. Campbell
No. 0821 The Burden of Freedom: Recent USERRA burdens on employers are not unconstitutional or unprecedented
No. 0822 Time Management: Don’t confuse the five-year limit with the 90-day deadline
No. 0823 Fourth Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Oakley v. Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co., 338 U.S. 278
No. 0824 USERRA and Statute of Limitations—Continued
No. 0824 Update Congress Enacts New Legislation Precluding Statutes of Limitation in USERRA Cases
No. 0825 Hard Cases Make Bad Law
No. 0826 Hard Cases Make Bad Law—Part Two 
No. 0826 Update: Hard Cases Make Bad Law—Part Two 
No. 0827 Returning Veterans & NSPS: DoD’s National Security Personnel System generates USERRA complaints
No. 0828 Fifth Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute Ford Motor Co. v. Huffman, 345 U.S. 330 (1953)
No. 0829 USERRA Overrides the Interests of the Replacement Employee
No. 0830 Servicemembers Precluded from Tort Recovery for Personal Injury or Death Incident to Service
No. 0831 Applying for Reemployment after Military Service
No. 0832 Wounded Servicemember Reporting Back to Civilian Job
No. 0833 Keep your employer informed about when to expect your return
No. 0834 Sixth Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute Diehl v. Lehigh Valley Railroad Co.
No. 0835 Paid Military Leave for Federal Employees on Long-Term Military Duty
No. 0836 USERRA Coverage for National Guard Technicians
No. 0837 USERRA Coverage for Individuals Performing National Guard AGR Duty
No. 0838 Right to Reemployment at the End of the Initial Active Obligated Service
No. 0839 SCRA Does Not Apply to Arbitration Proceedings, But It Should
No. 0840 My Mobilization Comes at a Terrible Time for my Employer
No. 0841 How NOT To Prove a Discrimination Case Under USERRA
No. 0842 Seventh Supreme Court Case on Reemployment Statute McKinney v. Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Co.
No. 0843 Important New Law for Military Families Affects Civilian Employers
No. 0844 Vacation Days: A recent settlement casts a new light on vacation accrual for Reservists who take time off for military training or service
No. 0845 Law Gives Small Businesses Tax Credit on Differential Pay
No. 0846 Eighth Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Tilton v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co., 376 U.S. 169 (1964)
No. 0847 Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act
No. 0847 Update: Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act
No. 0848 Enforcing USERRA against a State—Part 2
No. 0849 Unlawful to Fire Army Recruit
No. 0850 Veterans’ Preference Act Enforcement
No. 0851 More Than Workers’ Comp: Employer’s USERRA obligation applies to Reservist injured on drill
No. 0852 Intelligence Not Superior: USERRA applies to Intelligence agencies.
No. 0853 Ninth Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Brooks v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.. 376 U.S. 182 (1964)
No. 0854 Legal Assistance for Wounded Warriors—USERRA Component
No. 0855 Mobilized Reservist Should Not Miss Out on Promotion Opportunities
No. 0856 Unlawful for Airline To Deny You Free-Space-Available Travel to Your Drill—Right to Time Off for Travel to and from Your Drill Weekend
No. 0857 You Cannot Waive Your Reemployment Rights Until You Return from Service
No. 0858 Right to Jury Trial and Liquidated Damages Survives Death of the Unlawfully Fired Employee
No. 0859 The Ordinance and the Ordained: USERRA does not afford protection to clergy as it does to other employees
No. 0860 Harassment Is a Cognizable Claim under USERRA
No. 0861 10th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Accardi v. Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 383 U.S. 225 (1966)
No. 0862 Recalled Reservist Tackles Health Flexible Saving Arrangement
No. 0863 USERRA Applies to Salespersons on Commission
No 0863 Update (March 2009)
No. 0864 Another New Appellate Case Shows USERRA Has Teeth

2009 Law Reviews

No. 0901 Non-Pecuniary Damages Available Under USERRA
No. 0901 Update Smith v. United States Postal Service
No. 0902 Naval Reservist Wins USERRA Case Against San Diego Police Department
No. 0903 Eleventh Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Eagar v. Magma Copper Co., 389 U.S. 323 (1967)
No. 0904 How to Prove a USERRA Discrimination Case—Continued
No. 0905 Do Life Insurance Salespersons Have USERRA Rights?
No. 0906 When Long Service Equals No Promotion You Don’t Need a Smoking Gun to Win a Section 4311 Case Under USERRA
No. 0907 12th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Foster v. Dravo Corp., 420 U.S. 92 (1975)
No. 0908 The SSCRA Means What It Says, Supreme Court Holds
No. 0909 Another New Case on USERRA Discrimination
No. 0910 You Must Apply for Reemployment after You Leave Active Duty
No. 0911 Layoffs and the Special Protection Period
No. 0912 DOJ Sues NC to Enforce USERRA Regarding a Magistrate Who Is a Reservist
No. 0912 Update: DOJ Sues NC to Enforce USERRA Regarding a Magistrate Who Is a Reservist
No. 0913 USERRA Covers Medical Exams While on TDRL
No. 0914 The Other Half of the Solomon Amendment As It Applies to College ROTC
No. 0915 13th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Alabama Power Co. v. Davis, 431 U.S. 581 (1977)
No. 0916 Getting One’s Retirement “Home of Selection” or Discharge “End of Tour of Service” Move Extended
No. 0917 Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of the SSCRA
No. 0918 DOJ Sues Alabama DMHMR
No. 0919 14th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute  Coffy v. Republic Steel Corp.,447 U.S. 191 (1980)
No. 0920 USERRA’s Definition of Service Is Broad But Not Unlimite
No. 0921 Federal Circuit Again Reverses the MSPB for Ignoring Rights of Veterans
No. 0922 Is Personal Animus Discrimination? A USERRA case may be headed to the Supreme Court.
No. 0922 Update Supreme Court Agrees To Review Unfavorable 7th Circuit Case
No. 0923 15th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute Monroe v. Standard Oil Co. 452 U.S. 549 (1981)
No. 0924 Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s
No. 0925 No Time Limit on Justice for the Returning Veteran
No. 0926 Mobilized Reservists and the Chicago Fire Department
No. 0927 Long-Term Full-Time National Guard Duty and the Five-Year Limit
No. 0928 Not So ‘Harmless Error’: Supreme Court decides against veteran in claim process case
No. 0929 16th Supreme Court Case Relating to Reemployment Statute King v. St. Vincent’s Hospital, 502 U.S. 215 (1991)
No. 0930 Justice Serves: DOJ sues Nevada and a Nevada corporation to enforce USERRA
No. 0931 DOJ Sues California Department of Corrections
No. 0932 Furlough or Leave of Absence Clause Revisited
No. 0933 Promotion and Pay Raise Delayed by Military Service--Am I Entitled to Back Pay?
No. 0934 Another Good Precedent on Reemployment Rights
*No. 0935 SCRA’s New Cell-Phone Contract Termination Provision: A Welcome Provision, But Limited in Scope
No. 0936 Ethan Allen Is Rolling Over in his Grave
No. 0937 You Must Apply for Reemployment-Part 2
No. 0938 Due Process Clause Held To Apply to Veteran’s Claim
No. 0939 Let’s Try To Limit the Burden on Your Employer
No. 0940 The Ordinance and the Ordained—Part Two
No. 0941 Does the SCRA Create a Private Right of Action?
No. 0942 Attorney Fees under the SCRA
No. 0943 Is it Unlawful To Deny a Loan Because of Reserve Component Membership?
No. 0944 Get Out of Lease upon Mobilization
No. 0945 Does “Health Insurance” Include Income Replacement Insurance?
*No. 0946 SCRA Does Not Protect You from Unreasonable Overdraft Fees
No. 0947 Improve The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
No. 0948 No Time Limit on Justice for the Returning Veteran—Part 2
No. 0949 Retroactive Seniority Adjustment to Your Civilian Seniority Date Based on Military Interruption of Your Civilian Career
No. 0950 Military Voting Rights in Virginia
No. 0950 Update Military Voting Rights in Virginia-Continued
No. 0951 What Happens to the Child When I Get Mobilized?
No. 0952 Section 4311 of USERRA Is Not Limited to Reserve Components
No. 0953 Joint Employment Doctrine Under USERRA-Continued
No. 0953 Update OSC Settles USERRA Case with DHS
No. 0954 Military Service Is Not "Just Like Maternity Leave"
No. 0955 Congress Enacts Important New Protections for Military and Overseas Voters
No. 0956 Bugged: Be cautious about recording conversations with employers for use in USERRA cases
No. 0957 Veterans' Preference: Here are the eligibility standards for veterans earning special credits for federal civilian jobs
No. 0958 Military Voting—What About State Elections?
No. 0959 Congress Enacts New Provisions for Military Spouse Voting and Taxation
No. 0960 SCRA Tolls the Running of Statutes of Limitations
No. 0961 Your Civilian Job and USERRA: Beware of Gaps in Your Period of Service, And Maintain a Proper Balance of Military and Civilian Responsibilities
No. 0962 Don't Chafe the Chaplain
No. 0963 You Must Apply for Reemployment - Part 3
No. 0964 Held a Position of Employment
No. 0965 What is Service in the Uniformed Services?
No. 0966 Relationship between the Uniformed Service and the Absence from the Position of Employment
No. 0967 Prior Notice to Civilian Employer
No. 0968 The Five Year Limit
No. 0969 Only Really Serious Miscreants Lose Their Reemployment Rights for Misconduct During Service
No. 0970 Timely Application for Reemployment
No. 0971 Federal Circuit Reverses the MSPB Yet Again - When Will They Ever Learn?

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