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> USERRA Law Review Basics   

*Certain law reviews that have been overtaken by events or superseded by later law reviews have been deleted from the library.

 1.0  USERRA Generally
 1.1  USERRA Coverage
 1.1.1  Coverage of Employers  Hiring Halls and Joint Employers  Small Employers  Religious Institutions  Indian Tribes  Employers Outside United States  Foreign Employers in United States            State and Local Governments Federal Government Successors in Interest
1.1.2 Coverage of Employees Part-Time, Temporary, Probationary and At-Will Independent Contractors and Partners Employees Who Have Been Laid Off Students Executive Employees
1.1.3 Coverage of Kinds of Service Voluntary Service Regular Military Service National Guard Service PHS Service NOAA Service NDMS Service Examination To Determine Fitness Funeral Honors Duty Military Family Members Foreign Military Members
1.2 USERRA—Discrimination Prohibited
1.3 USERRA—Reinstatement
1.3.1 Eligibility Criteria Left Job for Service and Gave Prior Notice Character & Duration of Service Timely Application for Reemployment Affirmative Defenses
1.3.2 Entitlements Prompt Reinstatement Continuous Accumulation of Seniority—Escalator Principle Pension Credit for Service Time Status of Returning Veteran Rate of Pay after Reinstatement Health Insurance Reinstatement and Continuation Adequate Rest Before and After Service Training or Retraining Accommodations for Disabled Veterans Furlough or Leave of Absence Clause Vacations, Holidays, and Days Off Special Protection Against Discharge, Except Cause
1.4 USERRA Enforcement
1.5 USERRA Arbitration
1.6 USERRA Statute of Limitations
1.7 USERRA Regulations
1.8 USERRA--Relationship Between USERRA and other Laws/Policies
1.10 Vacation Benefits
2.0 Paid Leave For Government Employees Who Are Reserve Component Members
3.0 Reserve Retirement and Civilian Employment
3.1 Federal Employment
4.0 Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act (SSCRA) and the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Generally
4.1 Right to Interest Rate Reduction upon Mobilization
4.2 Right to Terminate a Lease or Contract upon Mobilization 
4.3 Right to Continuance and Protection Against Default Judgement
4.4 Right to Reinstatement of Health Insurance Coverage upon Return from Mobilization 
4.5 Protection from State/Local Tax Authorities
4.6 Eviction and Foreclosure Protection
4.7 Extension of Statutes of Limitations and Redemption Periods
4.8 Professional Malpractice Liability Insurance Suspension and Reeinstatement
4.9 SCRA Enforcement
4.10  Protection against Discrimination Based on Exercise of SCRA Protections

5.0 Military Service and Family Obligations
6.0 Military Service and Tax Laws
7.0 Military Voting Rights
8.0 Veterans' Preference
9.0 Miscellaneous
10.0 Supreme Court Cases
10.1 Supreme Court Cases on Reemployment
10.2 Other Supreme Court Cases
11.0 Veterans' Claims
12.0 Military Criminal Justice